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Please note that while this tutorial applies to most canine breeds/species, it's always crucial to search for reference on the subject you're drawing! There are always exceptions and slight differences in the anatomy, not only legs but facial structures too etc. :)

I have received many notes and requesst to make a tutorial/redlines/generally help with anatomy things and have people ask me how I learned certain things, especially canines and their proportions.
I might take a long time to reply sometimes... so I wanted to make a tutorial/tips thing on the same things to help everyone! :)

I hope it's helpful, I tried to focus on tips I always tell people. It's nothing too major, just small hints, tips and things and techniques that I use too.
I know the anatomy of my drawings is not 100% perfect, but I wanted to share what I know.

and I can't stress it enough, using references is not forbidden! As long as you don't just trace a picture, but rather learn from many pictures. You don't only have to use google, look at the resources category on DA too! Lots of great pics.
Also, this is not meant to mock anyone's drawing style or mistakes, it's only trying to be helpful.

For other great tutorials on anatomy and style, see:
>> [link] <<
(might add more)

btw where it says Dog's can't retract their claws, meant to write canines XD
Also, the carpal pad is only found in the front paws.
and... has some typos, such as it's supposed to be metatarsus with a T all the time but whoops. Will fix later!

ps. why just canines? That's what people ask for the most and I also think canine anatomy is a pretty basic one that you can apply to many things, fantasy creatures etc. :D and it would make this tutorial REALLY long to include lots of other species.
For great feline tutorials look here:
[link] [link]
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February 18, 2012
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