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:3 some might remember a picture looking like this from my previous account. It's actually a remake of an older picture of mine from 2009:…
I've been wanting to draw that picture again for a longer while already, just to see what I would do differently now and also cos when I finished the older picture, I accidentally resized and flattened it and overwrote the psd with that version. :''D always bothered me, so... new version of it and without that fail!

Comparing the old and the new, I'd like to think I've improved in especially lighting, whereas in the older version I was mainly concentrating on the details and such and did everything with a really small brush. Nowadays I try to concentrate more on the light/shadow before going into details. And guess their faces look a bit different too haha : D
It's nevertheless interesting redrawing a picture :D

both are done in Photoshop CS3, this one took about 6 hours in total.

And as in the previous pic, the title is in Tolkien's Elven language, meaning white and pink. :)

ps. is it just my internet connection again or why is the file uploading thing being super slow :S took ages to upload

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January 27, 2012
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