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OOps more stuff already. I'm really in a drawing mood!
Wanted to work on something non-digital for a change, this is done in pencil originally and the only thing I did on computer was adding colours and draw the whiskers cos I'm missing my eraser pen sniff and my big eraser didn't do the job properly. But will draw them on the real drawing when I get a new one!
Still put this in the traditional category though as it's mostly traditional.

The pic is based on another stray cat photo that I took in Rome, it's not traced of it or anything, just had it as a reference and was interesting trying to draw from a photo anyway :)

drawn in pencils on some sketchbook papers, took around... 4 hours? And used some tissue and also my fingers for smudging it. Yeey I really like working with pencil anyway : D that and watercolours are my favourite traditional media!
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September 29, 2012
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