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January 4, 2013
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Filtered sun by Lhuin Filtered sun by Lhuin
Been looking at some really nice wildlife paintings lately and also browsing the galleries of my DA idols who really inspired me when I was younger, and still do! I really felt like starting a big painting again, last time I did something like this traditionally must have been years ago. But I'm surprised how quick I got it done, years ago I would have spent weeks on it but got it done in a few days now.
Guess cos I've improved with stuff in general so I could apply what I'd do digitally to traditional stuff.

But yeah I almost forgot how relaxing painting with real media is, was almost like therapy to get my thoughts off some other things haha.
I tried to make it as realistic as possible, but apparently to get even finer details in I'd need a bigger canvas as well. Was using my smallest brushes but even with them I didn't manage to put the details in as small size as I wanted them to be. Oh well still enjoyed making this.

The background is inspired by some savannah photos I saw and the leopard is based on a photo I took at a zoo last year. Quite happy with this one, even though like I said would like it to be even more detailed but was lacking bigger canvases. something for the future then maybe :D

Size A3 paper (11x16"), painted with acrylics. Some touch ups with a white coloured pencil.
The painting was too big for my scanner so I had to take a photo. That's why it might appear a bit blurry in some places, hope not too bad.

Like I mentioned, this painting was inspired by some of my favourite artists and inspirations who years ago gave me the first big spark to start painting and trying to improve even more and whose work was among the first galleries I discovered on DA, namely `balaa, *Goldenwolf and lately Guy Coheleach as well - [link]
Beautiful work they all have :heart:

Artwork me, please do NOT use, trace, distribute, reproduce or sell my artwork without a proper permission from me. Art usage here: [link]
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This is absolutely beautiful and I love the incredible detail and colours. 
Dragunnity Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beatiful. I kind of feel like this is the place that Nala and Simba went after he pushed her into that pond :)
Wow! The light effects are stunning indeed. Masterfully done! Love 
NestledInBrambles Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That looks beautiful...
Is this a jaguar?!

It's awesome! o/
This is beautiful. I especially like the fur inside of the ear. And of course, the lighting.
JokerrLaughs Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
maaan this is amazing. i was i could do this, but im not much of a painter.
how long this it take do do this?
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