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New character! :aww: haven't been making any in a while hahaa. Name's pronounced more like "Thee-rr"

This is partially adopted, meaning I asked Vani on FA to be able to use exactly the same concept she came up with. I really liked the idea and the details of the character designs, and I knew I couldn't win one of the character biddings. So I created my own afterwards with a permission.

Whoever guesses what bird it's based on (surprisingly) gets a :cookie:!

But yea really liking him 8D always wanted a bit more detailed character, gonna be painting him in some pics I think, just a nice random character to draw. And made him a normal, feral version as well where the feathers/wings can be left out.

The feathers are on both sides, basically behind/from every leg. As for what the character's like, he's a bit silent but still a strong headed one. Not the goofy kind of character anyway but not any evil one either.

Anyway hope you like! :)

background texture by hibbary

Artwork and character design © me, please do NOT use, trace, distribute, reproduce or sell my artwork without a proper permission from me.
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August 8, 2012
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